Full Service Planning

This lesson teaches you how to integrate all your newly learned knowledge and skills to provide full service planning to clients in a systematic way.  You’ll learn the phases of full service planning, how to structure and prepare for planning meetings and how to create and use a Planning Timeline…

The Wedding Day Timeline

The Wedding Day Timeline might as well be called the Wedding Day Bible.  In this detailed and skill-based lesson, you’ll learn exactly how to create this important coordination tool to ensure a smooth and stress free wedding day for your clients, bridal party, family, vendors, and – of course- the…

Day-Of Coordination

Day-Of Coordination has become an extremely popular service offering among most wedding planners.  Want to know how to do it? This lesson will give you a step by step process for delivering this valuable service to clients and includes a ton of valuable tools and downloadable templates that will have…

Building a Wedding Budget

This skill-based lesson teaches new planners how to create realistic wedding budgets for clients.  Together with the downloadable budget calculator and tracking forms, the video lectures will provide an easy to follow three-step process to prioritize, estimate and track wedding expenditures throughout the planning process.

The Event Design Plan

This course introduces you to The Event Design Plan.  You’ll learn how to use the basic design principles and the finding inspiration process from Parts I and II to create this visually stunning design proposal that will outline the overall vision and décor details of your clients’ wedding design.   Find…

Finding Inspiration

Building on Wedding Design Basics, this course will show you how to use your basic design knowledge to work with clients in the process of finding inspiration for their unique wedding design.  Learn how to gather relevant information about your clients’ personal styles, conduct a productive design consultation and generate…

Principles of Wedding Design

Get your feet wet with wedding design by starting with the basics.  This lesson will teach you important event design concepts and all the terminology you’ll need to know to speak knowledgeably as an event designer and begin designing beautiful personalized weddings for your clients.

The 4 W’s

All about starting a wedding planning business, this course helps you examine why you’ve chosen wedding planning as a career and how to use your unique set of strengths, values and circumstances to mold your business identify, service packages and the many decisions to be made as you get started.

Ceremony Basics

Who walks with who and when?  We cover all the basics of planning, choreographing and coordination a wedding ceremony with ease and confidence.  You’ll learn ceremony terminology, customs and traditions as well as how to expertly plan, rehearse and coordinate a smooth ceremony.

Creating Service Packages

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new wedding planner is what services you will offer to couples.  In this less, you learn how many packages you should be offering, what services are typically offered, exactly what services you should be sure to include in your service…

The How

Building on Getting Started Part I, Part II focuses on the “How” or the nuts and bolts of creating a functional business.  Learn how to get the help, tools, funding, education and visibility you need to get your wedding planning business up and running.  

Getting Organized

In this foundational lesson, you will be given a step by step system for organizing your physical space, business records, client files, electronic files and time to minimize wasted time and maximize your productivity and profitability.

Building Vendor Relationships

In the wedding business, it’s all about who you know.  This lesson provides a step by step process for establishing great connections with the vendors already on the scene to build positive working relationships, increase visibility and, of course, get clients!